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Have You Been Injured in a Truck Accident?

Accidents involving huge trucks, buses, tankers, vans, and other large vehicles can cause extremely severe injuries, as our Dallas truck accident lawyers can attest. Due to their larger payloads, greater stopping distances, handling skills, cargo distribution, and other characteristics, trucks are often considered among the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Claiming damages after a truck accident is more difficult than after a vehicle accident because of the complexity of transportation regulations, the larger insurance coverage involved, and the severity of the injuries sustained.

Trucking firms have huge legal and insurance resources that individuals simply do not. When one of their trucks is involved in an accident with a car, motorcycle, or another vehicle, they know how to preserve their rights. You need Dallas trucking accident attorneys who have successfully held trucking companies liable for their irresponsible behaviour if you or a loved one were hurt in a truck accident. To speak with one of our skilled Dallas injury attorneys at no cost and with no obligation, call us anytime, day or night.

If you were hurt in a serious truck accident, getting your life back on track can feel like a full-time job on top of healing from your injuries. Our Dallas truck accident attorneys have the knowledge and resolve to take on the giant insurance companies and get you the most money possible for your injuries. If you need legal assistance and believe you are owed compensation, don’t wait to contact Thompson Law.

Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers, Accident Statistics in Dallas, TX

TxDOT tracks all major commercial vehicle accidents in the state utilizing Dallas Police and other law enforcement collision report data.

Commercial Trucking Accident Statistics in Dallas, TX

In 2021, TxDOT reported 1,589 Dallas truck collisions, 519 (32.6%) of which were injuries. These severe accidents included:

  • Fatal crashes:  16 Dallas truck fatalities were caused by drunk driving (23.5%), speeding (23.5%), and evasive action (11.8%).
  • Serious injury crashes:  43 seSpeeding (23.8%), dangerous lane changes (19.1%), and unsafe speed (19.1%) caused 43 major truck crashes in Dallas.
  • Minor injury crashes:  163 minor injuries were caused by unsafe lane changes (27.4%), speeding (21.8%), unsafe speed (14.5%), and failure to stay in a single lane (12.9%).
  • Possibly injury crashes:  313 potential injury collisions caused by unsafe lane changes (32.5%), speeding (18.1%), failing to drive in a single lane (14.1%), and tailgating (12.1%).

Commercial Trucking Accident Statistics in Dallas County, TX

TxDOT reported 4,125 Dallas County CMV collisions in 2021. These severe accidents included:

  • Fatal crashes:  There were 38 accidents with 40 fatalities.
  • Serious injury crashes:  105 accidents with 126 persons badly hurt.
  • Minor injury crashes:  There were 385 collisions, resulting in 489 minor injuries.
  • Possibly injury crashes:  There were 631 accidents with 901 individuals maybe hurt.
  • Non-injury crashes:  In 2,934 accidents, 9,202 people were not hurt.
  • Unknown severity crashes:  32 accidents with 707 persons injured (some severely)

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Most Common Causes of Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

Nearly eighty-eight percent of truck crashes in Dallas in 2021 were brought on by one of five forms of driver negligence. The following are the leading causes of truck accidents in Dallas, listed from most common to least:

  1. Changed lane when unsafe:  More than one-third (489) of all truck accidents can be attributed to hazardous lane changes.
  2. Speeding or unsafe speed:  Twenty-nine percent of all truck accidents involved speeding or hazardous speeds, which led to 287 accidents.
  3. Failed to drive in single lane:  Driving in several lanes was a factor in 210 accidents involving large trucks (16.1% of all truck accidents).
  4. Tailgating:  For 7.8 percent of all truck accidents, tailgating was a factor in 107 of them.
  5. Faulty evasive action:  The failure to properly avoid an obstacle was the cause of 102 truck accidents (7.1% of all truck accidents).

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Negligent Actions Which Contribute to Truck Accidents

Many trucking accidents can be traced back to pre-crash events that were caused by the negligence of those involved, including trucking businesses in Texas, truckers, 18-wheeler drivers, and cargo loaders. Trucking businesses and drivers continue to show reckless behaviour that puts everyone on the road in danger.

  • Truck Driver Fatigue:  Long-haul truckers, on average, put in 60 hours of work every week and log more than 107,000 annual miles behind the wheel. Despite the fact that truck drivers are required to adhere to hours of service laws, many corporations either ignore them or actively encourage their drivers to break them. Some truck drivers use drugs like cocaine and amphetamines to stay awake on long drives.
  •  Reckless Driving by Truckers: According to research conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), truck drivers are either exposed to or engage in numerous dangerous practices. Seventy-three percent of truck drivers feel their delivery deadlines could be more realistic; this puts them in danger since they are more likely to speed or work overtime. In addition, they encourage drug usage among drivers as a means of staying awake.
  •  Dangerous Road Conditions for Trucking: Ice, fog, heavy rain, and snow all contribute to hazardous road conditions. Any vehicle on the road could be in danger under these conditions, but big rigs with longer stopping distances are particularly vulnerable. NIOSH found that 24% of truck drivers “often” drove through bad weather, weariness, and high traffic and that 47% “sometimes” drove through these conditions.
  •  Distracted Driving by Truckers: In 2009, researchers showed that 71% of heavy truck crashes happened because the driver was distracted. This makes distracted driving the leading cause of truck accidents in the United States. Truck drivers can be easily distracted when inside the cab by engaging in activities such as making or reading a text message, eating, using a dispatching device, fiddling with the radio, or reading. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has instituted laws prohibiting truck drivers from using mobile phones while behind the wheel, with penalties of up to $2,750 for drivers and $11,000 for companies.
  •  Poor Vehicle Fleet Maintenance: Tyre and brake wear, improper couplings, wheel bearing failures, hub separation, cracked windscreens and mirrors, rusty axles, and other forms of truck damage can all contribute to accidents involving trucks that need to be adequately maintained. While it is the trucking company’s responsibility to inspect, fix, and maintain fleet vehicles, the truck driver is responsible for doing a pre-trip inspection.
  •  Inadequate Training of Truck Drivers: NIOSH found that 38% of truck drivers reported having inadequate training when they first entered the industry. Trucking businesses should do background checks and provide training for their drivers, but this is often not the case.
  •  Truckers Driving While Intoxicated (DWI): The CDL alcohol limit is half the BAC level for regular motorists, and truck drivers are not allowed to have any alcoholic beverages within 4 hours of driving, nor are they permitted to have any alcoholic drinks in the cab. However, many trucking companies would accept drivers with a prior DUI, alcoholism rates are high for truck drivers, and binge drinking is widespread in approximately 1 in 5 truckers.
  •  Poorly Loaded or Secured Cargo: If goods aren’t fastened down on an open flatbed truck, they could fall off and cause an accident. If cargo is not secured and the weight evenly distributed in a closed semi-trailer, it might cause the vehicle to tip over or a trailer to detach. The onus for ensuring that cargo is secured correctly rests with the loader, the trucking business, and the driver. Accidents caused by improperly secured cargo can make it difficult to assign blame but may also give rise to claims under more than one policy. This is why you need to find a lawyer in Dallas who has experience handling trucking disputes.

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What You Should Do After a Dallas Truck Accident

Take the following precautions if you are able to walk and stand after a truck accident:

  • Move to Safety:  Safely pull over to the side of the road to prevent getting hit again, and activate your hazard lights to alert oncoming traffic.
  • Call the Police:  The law mandates that everyone involved in an accident resulting in injury or property damage must notify the police. Calling 911 also notifies the Dallas Police Department and Emergency Medical Services, who will try to ensure your safety, file a Dallas collision report, and dispatch an ambulance if necessary. Describe how you believe the accident happened and nothing more.
    • DO NOT:  Explain how you feel physically, offer an apology, sign any documents or statements the insurance company requests, and so on.
  • Exchange Info and Take Pictures:As the trucking business will not provide you with their images of the accident scene, it is up to you to document the property damage on your own. Make sure to document all the details you and the truck driver exchange, including licence, insurance, and registration.
  • Look for Witnesses:  Check to see if there were any witnesses to the truck accident. Also, check for any surrounding cameras that might have filmed the incident, such as dashboard cams or security cameras.
  • See a Doctor:  Seeking medical attention following a truck collision is important for two reasons: protecting your health and linking your injuries to the crash.
  • Call Our Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers: It has been established that when accident victims hire a lawyer to manage their insurance claim, they receive up to three times as much money as when they handle the claim alone. If you need help with a claim, our attorneys have a history of success and are ready to help you.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

When involved in an accident, huge vehicles can cause devastating injuries due to their size and force.Some common injuries sustained in truck accidents that we treat in Dallas are:

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