The Killers of the Flower Moon Trailer Teases Leo’s Powerhouse Performance

The Killers of the Flower Moon- The latest clip from Scorsese’s upcoming opus pretty much confirms that Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone will likely win the Oscars.

Apple TV released a second trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, and this new peek at the epic Osage Nation crime drama emphasises the complicated love story that forms the core of the film. In the movie based on David Grann’s acclaimed nonfiction book of the same name, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Ernest Burkhart, nephew of business magnate William Hale. Ernest Burkhart marries Mollie Kyle, portrayed by Lily Gladstone.

The Flower Moon Killers centre on a series of killings in Osage County, Oklahoma, throughout the 1920s. The perpetrators targeted members of the community because of their oil-rich land. In addition to DiCaprio and Gladstone, the movie also includes Robert De Niro as Hale, Jesse Plemons as an agent who investigates the murders for a precursor of the FBI, and Tantoo Cardinal as Mollie’s mother.

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In a September 11 Interview Magazine story, Gladstone spoke to director Kelly Reichardt about how they significantly changed the film through rewrites during the pandemic. Gladstone said the original story would have focused on the FBI, with Mollie and Ernest being part of the supporting storyline instead of the central one. Then she explained that Scorsese, DiCaprio, and she conducted a two-plus hour Zoom to discuss the project and initiate the building of chemistry. Eventually, the two actors had dinner and spent time with Maggie Burkhart’s real-life granddaughter.

Scorsese told Time that Leonardo fully improvised a moment between the two characters, which is also emphasized in the second trailer. In what appears to be early in their courtship, Mollie refers to Ernest as a “coyote” in the Osage language, and he replies, “I don’t know what you said, but it must have been Indian for ‘handsome devil.'” As the story deepens and suspicious circumstances claim the lives of members of the Osage community, their marriage frays at the seams. I don’t even know if you still love me,” Mollie, who is bedridden, tells Ernest, pleading with him to “kill these men who killed my family. The second trailer ramps up the tension and violence in the grisly story, featuring shootings, fights, and even an explosion occurring just outside the room where Mollie and Ernest are sleeping.

In a June conversation with Osage News, the film’s three stars discussed how they brought the events known as the “Reign of Terror” to film, learned about Osage culture, and explored the complex dynamics between their characters, especially Mollie and Ernest.

We wanted to focus on the love story between these two, as there are different ways to look at their relationship. DiCaprio said, “Otherwise, I don’t know if the film would have worked in this capacity.” So, we worked a lot to truly understand Ernest and Mollie’s relationship, which was a twisted love story, convoluted and complex. But I found it fascinating that they remained together through all this. I am incredibly happy that we had the opportunity to tell this story and that everyone participated in telling it. We made a sincere effort to be as truthful as possible.

The Flower Moon Killers will premiere in theatres stateside on October 20, including a limited IMAX release, and Apple TV+ will eventually stream it.

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